Concrete Delivery

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Concrete Delivery

From H&H Concrete on Demand

We understand that nobody’s schedule is truly freed up at all times. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling as well as “On Demand” orders. We understand the value of time and is why we strive to always be on time. With a fleet of 17 state-of-the-art mixers our professional operators ensure your project is completed to your exact standards.

Volumetric concrete is concrete that is batched (mixed) onsite. Some call it a batch plant on wheels. This allows for very little waste. Our concrete is metered which allows the customer to pay for only what he/she uses. Unlike a ready-mix truck where you almost always over order to ensure you do not run out during the middle of the pour. This also allows us to mix the concrete at the rate in which the customer needs it. With a standard ready-mix truck, you have a certain amount of time to off load the material before it begins to setup. This is especially true in the hot summer months when the concrete sets very quickly. In a ready-mix truck, the concrete is activated as soon as it leaves the yard. With our volumetric mixers, you will never have “hot mud” again.

Since our inception we have produced hundreds of different mix designs as well as delivered hundreds of thousands of yards of concrete.

17 Volumetric Trucks

5 Haul Trucks

5 Loading Facilities

After Hour/Night Deliveries

Residential & Commercial Projects

Flowable Products

Quick-Set Flowable Products

Rapid-Setting Concrete

TxDOT Approved Mixes

Emergency Pours

5 yard minimum

Pay for only what you use beyond minimum

Up to 400 Yard Pours